Who is The Walrus? We take a trip with one of The Beatles most bizarre songs

We’re taking a look back one of The Beatles strangest songs, ‘I Am The Walrus’, and finding out who exactly Lennon was talking about when he wrote the track for the 1967 television film The Magical Mystery Tour.

If you missed The Beatles the first time around there’s a good chance that you will, at one point in your life, have professed to not liking them. Whether it was because of teenage rebellion or a refusal to believe the hype, at moments in our lives we’ve all claimed the Fab Four to be a dinosaur.

Such claims are usually met with a snort of derision (quite rightly) but there is some validity to the argument, namely in songs such as ‘I Am The Walrus’. The track, upon first listening, is a confounding fever dream of cartoonish imagery and kaleidoscopic language that would seem more at home in a Monty Python pastiche.

Lennon and McCartney may have been credited with the song but it is solely written by Lennon. Released as the B-side to ‘Hello, Goodbye’ the track has become synonymous with the Fab Four’s wilder days, often cited as another pulsating and confusing introduction to The Beatles use of LSD. But in fact, its roots go back to Lennon’s school.

A student from his former school, Quarry Bank High School, sent Lennon a letter telling him that his teacher has been analysing Beatles lyrics. The letter, which amused Lennon, inspired him to construct one of his most deliberately confusing songs.

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