Remember This? Apple and the Beatles Went to Court 14 Years Ago Today

There are a lot of things one could go to court over within the technology industry. Sometimes it’s over issues of structural abuse or censorship. Sometimes it’s a case involving monopolistic control of the market. And sometimes it’s just because there’s a shared name based on a popular fruit.

For the majority of Apple’s history, there has been an underlying conflict simmering beneath the surface. In 1978, Apple (the tech company) received a lawsuit claiming trademark infringement from Apple Corps.

Apple Corps?

Apple Corps is the holding company that the Beatles founded in the midst of their career with the intention of maintaining their brand label, Apple Records. So seeing a tech company use the same label was a problem for them.

In 1981, Apple reported that they paid Apple Corps an undisclosed amount to resolve the matter for a time. Apple Corps would consider the lawsuit finished, as long as Apple did not get into the music business. But this lawsuit was not resolved.

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