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Everything you want to know about the Beatles time in London – homes, venues, clubs, concert halls, – places where the Fab Four had good times and bad times, and created their timeless music!

Beatles in London timeline

The Beatles in London timeline

From the Fab Four arriving in London in 1960, to the last group photoshoot, follow the trail of the Beatlemania in London.

Beatles in London Timeline

Beatles London Film Locations

Beatles on Film

The Beatles made 5 major motion pictures and many music videos. Since the 1960s scores of Beatle-related movies, documentaries, films and videos have come out.

Official Beatles Feature Films

Beatles tour guide Richard Porter and Paul McCartney

From My Collection

Over my 50 years of being a Beatle fan, I assembled a large collection of Beatles memorabilia. Here I share some of my most precious and rare Beatles items

From My Collection

Beatles expert Richard Porter in Hamburg on Beatles tour

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