The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour London Walk

London Beatles Walks crossing Abbey Road

Schedule :

Sundays and Thursdays at 11am Wednesdays at 2pm

Location :

From Tottenham Court Road Underground (Exit 1) (Northern Line, Central Line)

Meet point :

Outside of Exit 1

A Beatles London walking tour – In Conjunction with London Walks ‘London’s Best Guided Walks’ – Time Out.
Please book your place at least 2 hours before the start time.
Please note that both Beatles tours include a short tube journey to St John’s Wood for Abbey Road. 

The tour lasts just over two hours and costs £15 for adults; £10 for full-time students and over 65s: £5 for Children under 15.

From May 1st 2024 the price will be £20 for adults and £15 for Students and over 65s


Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour – Step right this way!

Abbey Road and more!

This walk is a unique opportunity to Imagine The Beatles and the swinging 60s in London.

It is a Magical Mystery Tour of the Beatles’ London haunts:

  • The Beatles’ Apple offices, where the group played the famous ‘rooftop session’
  • Paul McCartney’s offices where Paul can be seen occasionally
  • the well known London theatre which became ‘birthplace’ of Beatlemania
  • the site of John’s infamous ‘bigger than Jesus’ interview
  • what John Lennon was doing outside some public toilets in 1966!
  • the studio where The Beatles recorded  Hey Jude
  • the shopping street that was the heart of ‘Swinging London’
  • Abbey Road Studios and the famous Abbey Road crossing

To complete your knowledge of The Beatles London, also come on my Beatles In My Life Walk

Reviews on Trip Advisor!

This is a 2 1/2 hour walking tour visiting important Beatles sites around Soho led by Richard, the world’s #1 Beatles fan. Richard is super enthusiastic and a wealth of information. You visit Paul’s office on Soho Square, the Palladium, the gentlemen’s toilet where John did a skit for TV, Carnaby St, where John met Yoko, and more, ending up at the Abbey Road street crossing. You only visit the places on the outside, but Richard has plenty of photos to give you a sense what happened there. You end up at the Beatles Coffee shop at the St John’s Woods tube station that has a nice selection of high-quality Beatles t-shirts. It’s a must for every Beatles fan.


Other reviews:

“RICHARD Porter is the smartest man in Britain – at least when it comes to The Beatles. In reality, considering the Sixties pop scene was a hotbed of sex and psychedelic drugs, he probably knows more about The Beatles than the remaining members of the Fab Four can remember themselves.” Brian Crisp National Travel Editor, Escape

“When it comes to possessing a thorough knowledge of the movements of the Beatles, there are few who can surpass Richard Porter. Dubbed the “Beatles Brain of Britain,” his personal kinship with John, Paul, George and Ringo makes the London tours he conducts for London Walks some of the most popular in the city. After more than 20 years and guiding around 150,000 visitors, Richard’s lead is the one to heed. His personal knowledge adds an element of credibility that is unavailable elsewhere.”  USA Today

“The walls in front of the famous studios are smeared with a million cliches, long-standing graffiti proclaiming the fans’ undying love. Here, several years ago, Paul McCartney appeared while Porter was doing his tour. Springing cheerily from his limo, Paul consorted with the fans before vamoosing to cut his album. Porter had captured the moment. Snap! We are agog. For there it is: Paul looking cherubic. As does Porter, standing before us now, irrepressible, and so likeable that you wish you could set him to music. Will lightning strike twice? Will a Beatle casually materialise? But Porter is talking again, more facts, more memorabilia. Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Traveller

There is only one person who might be able to lead a Beatles Tour that would rival those conducted by Richard Porter but I don’t think Paul McCartney is offering Beatles tours (yet).(Peter Nosko)

Guide Richard Porter with Paul McCartney at Abbey Road Studios



The Beatles ‘Rooftop Concert’ took place on 30th January 1969. It was the culmination of a month-long project that saw the Beatles rehearsing at Twickenham Film Studios for a concert at a yet undecided venue, at which they were going to perform their new album live. However, after George Harrison walked out of the band, the Beatles relocated to the new Apple Studios in the basement of 3 Savile Row and continued to record their new album, with the film crew still present. As the recording sessions drew to a close, it was thought that some sort of climax for the film was needed, and Paul McCartney especially was keen to play live somewhere – but where?

For more click here

London Beatles Walks guide Richard Porter on the roof where The Beatles gave their last live performance

London Beatles Walks guide Richard Porter on the roof where The Beatles gave their last live performance


This tour is operated by London Walks – just voted the best Tourism Experience in London by Visit London

Guide Richard Porter and his tour group crossing Abbey Road - as the Beatles did in 1969

Guide Richard Porter and his tour group crossing Abbey Road – as the Beatles did in 1969

Guide Richard Porter with his tour group Outside Trident Studios on a London Beatles walking tour

Guide Richard Porter with his tour group Outside Trident Studios on a London Beatles walking tour


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    1. Email confirmations are sent out by London Walks when tours are reserved. Please recheck you inbox, or trash.

  • Murray piesse says:

    Wish to book a place for two people Sunday 17th sept

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    1. Hi Mike

      It seems to working now at https://www.walks.com/our-walks/the-beatles-magical-mystery-tour/
      If you still can’t reserve there, I will just put you on the list for Thursday



  • Mike Todd says:

    Thanks, Richard. All good now. See you on Thursday.

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