John Lennon: David Bowie on last meeting as he sings Imagine on anniversary of pal's death

JOHN LENNON’S close friend David Bowie performed a heartbreaking tribute to the late Beatles star on the third anniversary of his death, speaking out about the last time they saw each other and singing Imagine.

John Lennon and David Bowie became friends back in 1975 after being introduced by Elizabeth Taylor. They went on to collaborate on Fame and even holidayed together. Five years later, however, The Beatles star was tragically killed.
Three years to the day after Lennon’s death, Bowie opened up about his relationship with the iconic musician at a gig on his 1983 tour.
“I asked John one day, ‘How do write your songs?’ He said, ‘That’s easy, you just say what you mean and you put a backbeat to it,’” he recalled.
“I said, ‘What do you think of my kind of rock ’n’ roll?’ He said, ‘It’s great but it’s just rock ’n’ roll with lipstick on.’”
The poignant tribute saw Bowie on a darkened stage, moving from point to point to be lit by a spotlight, each time revealing something else about Lennon.
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