Ringo Starr on marriage, life in lockdown and music

Sir Ringo Starr had no plans to slow down before the coronavirus pandemic intervened. His youthful appearance and fizzing energy bely his 80 years – and had it not been for Covid-19, the man born Richard Starkey in a working-class area of Liverpool would have been on the road in 2020.

But it turns out even a former Beatle cannot escape the consequences of a global health crisis. As it stands, Sir Ringo’s All Starr Band is set to return to the stage in June, though he admits the plans are far from set in stone due to the continued disruption caused by the virus.

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1 thought on “Ringo Starr on marriage, life in lockdown and music”

  1. Lucy kenney says:

    Sir Ringo Starr, Richard Starkey
    Read the story love it hopefully after
    This pandemic you will visit new York so I may see your concert looking forward to that I pray I get tickets they go like hot cakes in new York see you soon stay well and safe with this pandemic. look forward to see you and a great concert love Lucy kenney❤

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