The Journey of Jennifer Juniper

Beyond the Muse with Jenny Boyd

A conversation about her new book “Jennifer Juniper,” George Harrison, her sister Pattie Boyd, going to India with The Beatles, being courted by Donovan with song, marriage to Mick Fleetwood, spirituality and more.

Most people who live a life like the one she’s led don’t write books. They’re too busy living. But Jenny Boyd never played by the rules. When she and her sister Pattie Boyd started modeling in London, she never took it seriously enough to even learn the slinky catwalk walk the models all walked. Instead, she would dance. And because her dance was joyous, and she was beautiful, that worked perfectly.

That joyful spirit dances through the pages of Jennifer Juniper, a beautifully written account of an extraordinary life.

Because Pattie was dating George Harrison – and later married him – Jenny hung out with him a lot, and the other lads. When George invited her to join Pattie and the other Beatles on their India trip, Jenny was thrilled and said, “How can I ever thank you?”

George said only, “Be yourself.” And that, she explains, became her mantra, and started this journey.

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