John Lennon: How George Michael beat Liam Gallagher to nab incredible Beatles item

JOHN LENNON had a number of A-list fans both before and after his death, with many fellow musicians awestruck by his talents and influence on music. One such famous face was the late, great George Michael.

John Lennon’s biggest and most famous hit came shortly after The Beatles‘ acrimonious split. In 1971, having left the band and journeyed away from the mainstream with his new wife, avant-garde artist Yoko Ono, the star released Imagine. The song, went on to become his best-selling solo track, with lyrics which resonated with fans the world over.

Imagine peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 when it was first released, reaching number six on the UK chart when it dropped here a few years later.

Then, in 1980, Lennon was tragically shot and killed outside the home he shared with Ono in New York City.

Following his death, Imagine topped the charts, possessing an added poignance in light of his passing.

Lennon wrote the iconic song on a plain upright piano which he purchased a year before releasing the track.

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