The Beatle Get Back – What we Know – and What is to Come

So we now know that the Beatles ‘Get Back’ project is going to be aired by Disney + over three nights –  25, 26 and 27 November with each episode lasting 2 hours. The press release announcing this stated it would ‘debut exclusively’ on Disney. Does that mean it can be aired somewhere else at a later date?

As I am sure you know, the original plan was the project was going to be a cinema film – which was due to be premiered in September last year, but was then delayed due to Covid. We were then told it was going to premiere on August 27th this year. Now it seems the cinema release has been scrapped completely, as there was no mention of it in the recent press release. Or has it? Was the Disney release always going to be six hours long – with a shorter version in cinemas? If so, will the cinema version still be released? A source close to the project recently told me that the cinema release was ‘up in the air’ – but didn’t say it was cancelled.

The book accompanying the film is due out on October 12th. Many weeks before the debut on Disney – which seems a bit strange.

What else can we look forward to? Well it would be very odd if there wasn’t a huge DVD release of the new documentary. It was also stated the original Michael Lindsay Hogg ‘ Let it Be’ film will be released too. And what about audio? I was told two years ago it was planned to release the original ‘Get Back’ album – that was at first rejected in 1969. There has been no word of an audio release since.

Whatever happens, all Beatles fans are very much looking forward to finally seeing ‘Get Back’ – in whatever form it’s in!

Beatles Get Back Peter Jackson
Beatles Get Back Peter Jackson

5 thoughts on “The Beatle Get Back – What we Know – and What is to Come”

  1. Konráð Rúnar Friðfinnsson says:

    50 years have passed. Yet the Beatles still attract people and arouse anticipation. How do you explain that? Probably not possible.

  2. Penny Owen says:

    Some people don’t have the Disney Channel does this mean they won’t be able to see this documentary film Get Back?

    1. Alan Brooks says:

      Get a months subscription. Cheaper than the cinema ticket you were going to buy

  3. Robert Coley says:

    The Release date for the DVD was scheduled for release on August 27th. Has this now been cancelled?

    1. 27th August was the proposed date for the Premiere of the film at the cinemas

      A DVD release date has never been set.

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