It Was 60 Years Ago Today – the Beatles Record ‘My Bonnie’ with Tony Sheridan

It was 60 Years ago today! The Beatles made their first commercially released recordings in Fredrich-Ebert Halle, in Harburg, about 15 miles outside of Hamburg. They mainly backed Tony Sheridan, but did record two songs on their own – ‘Ain’t She Sweet’ and ‘Beatle Bop’ (renamed ‘Cry For a Shadow’ when released). My Bonnie was selected as the single – with The Beatles billed as the ‘Beat Brothers’ – a generic name for Sheridan’s backing bands. Here is where these historic recordings took place.

The Stage at Fredrich-Ebert Halle

You will be able to read more about this historic recording in my forthcoming book with David Bedford and Susan Ryan – The Beatles Fab Four Cities: Liverpool, Hamburg, London and New York https://www.amazon.co.uk/Beatles-Cities-Liverpool-Hamburg-Definitive/dp/1788840917


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