David Bowie in London Virtual Tour

25th July at 7pm

David Bowie is one of the most influential musicians of the last 50 years – but he had to go through a long apprenticeship to get there.

On this unique virtual tour, we will see how the man born David Jones incorporated music, art, design and mime to create ‘David Bowie’.

  • We will see where he grew up;
  • visit the music venues he played in with his many bands in the 60s;
  • you will discover where the legendary ‘Ziggy Stardust’ album was recorded and where the iconic album cover photo was taken;
  • and pay homage at the mural to Bowie in Brixton.

This is a live online tour, and that there will be a Q & A session at the end. It is a great opportunity to meet fans from around the world!

For more information and tickets click here

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