London Beatles Walks™ Take Beatles-Loving Couples on an Interactive Tour of the Most Famous Sites Tied to the Group

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The Scoop: Richard Porter is such a big Beatles fan that he’s devoted his life to learning all he can about the supergroup. For the last 30 years, he has shared his knowledge with hundreds of thousands of tourists on his London Beatles Walks. Richard offers the two-hour tours nearly every day, and takes Beatles-loving individuals, couples, and families to notable sites around London, including Abbey Road and locations where the group filmed “A Hard Day’s Night.” Tour participants will leave London Beatles Walks with a wealth of tidbits, some of which only Richard can tell them.

Many couples who count themselves among the millions of Beatles fans around the world may seek to immerse themselves in some of the band’s history by taking a trip to London. But for those who really want to walk a mile in the band’s shoes, there’s no better tour guide than Richard Porter, who has taken guests on London Beatles Walks for the past 30 years.

Photo of London Beatles Walks Founder Richard Porter

Richard Porter has been leading couples on Beatles Walks throughout London for more than 30 years.

Richard estimates that he guides about 7,000 people on his tours each year. Over the past 30 years, he’s helped more than 200,000 Beatles fans learn new things about the supergroup. He’s also had plenty of repeat visitors.

“One guy has come on the tour 40 times over the years. A lot of the people have been on tours 20 years ago and come with their kids. I’ve even seen Paul McCartney on the tour a few times,” he said.

Richard is a student of all things The Beatles, and he never tires of learning more about his favorite band. He adds what he’s learned to his tours, offering clarifications of debunked stories or adding newly relevant stops.

“I’m always meeting new people and hearing stories, so there’s always new stuff to learn and incorporate. I like doing things on anniversaries, so that keeps it fresh for me — and my guests,” he said.

He enjoys sharing those stories — new and old — with individuals, couples, and families on the historic streets of London that The Beatles once called home.

Couples Learn Plenty About the Group on the Walking Tour

Depending on their interest level, couples can choose between Richard’s two most popular Beatles tours, both of which take participants to many noteworthy sites in two hours.

The first, the Magical Mystery Tour, meets in the West End of London, where the Beatles had several performances and recorded some of their best music. Some of the major stops on this tour include Paul McCartney’s office, the studio where the band recorded “Hey, Jude!”, the theater where Beatlemania began, the rooftop concert location for “Let It Be,” and the place where John Lennon met Yoko Ono.

The tour ends at Abbey Road, the famous recording studio where the Beatles recorded the album of the same name. And, yes, most tour attendees stop to take pictures at the crosswalk made famous by the Abbey Road album cover.

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