From The Beatles to Pink Floyd: Revisiting a 1967 documentary exploring London counterculture

In the 1960s, something extraordinary was occurring as The Beatles and Pink Floyd were both creating a brave new world as they both forged their unique brand of cool which would send ripples around the country.

The rock and alternative music movement was documented in a special episode of the Granada television series 6:30 which was titled It’s So Far Out, It’s Straight Down which takes a look at the growing London underground music scene. By 1967, Paul McCartney was a full-fledged card-carrying member of the capital’s burgeoning circuit along with the likes of Pink Floyd who both feature in the documentary.

The aim of It’s So Far Out, It’s Straight Down was to explain to a mainstream audience the cultural changes taking place in London and how the country’s cultural hotbed was expanding into new areas due to the growing influence of psychedelia. Pink Floyd’s performance in the documentary was one of the group’s first television appearances and introduced a wealth of people to the band for the very first time.

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