Beatles Tours of London

See Abbey Road and where The Beatles played there last live performance on Beatles Walks – guided by Richard Porter, author the book ‘Guide to the Beatles London’

Beatles Magical Mystery Tour –

Every Thursday and Sunday at 11am From Tottenham Court Road Station

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Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour – Step right this way!

This walk is a unique opportunity to Imagine The Beatles and the swinging 60s in London.

It is a Magical Mystery Tour of the Beatles’ London haunts:

  • their Apple offices, where the group played the famous ‘rooftop session’
  • Paul McCartney’s offices where Paul can be seen occasionally
  • the well known London theatre which became ‘birthplace’ of Beatlemania
  • the site of John’s infamous ‘bigger than Jesus’ interview
  • what John Lennon was doing outside some public toilets in 1966!
  • the studio where Hey Jude was recorded
  • the shopping street that was the heart of ‘Swinging London’
  • Abbey Road Studios and the famous Abbey Road crossing
London Beatles Walks on Abbey Road

Beatles In My Life Walk

11am, every Tuesday and Saturday from Marylebone Station

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“There are places I’ll remember all my life”, sang the Beatles in one of their most evocative songs.

Many of those places are in the “London Town” of this walk.

  • So get back with Richard to the place where the opening scenes for A Hard Day’s Night were filmed
  • the restaurant featured in Help!
  • the former Apple Shop which had the psychedelic mural painted on the wall
  • the registry office where two of the Beatles were married
  • the apartment immortalised by Ringo, John and Yoko where the infamous “Two Virgins” picture was taken
  • we’ll also see the house where Paul lived with Jane Asher. Those were the days … for it was in that house that John and Paul wrote I Want To Hold Your Hand.
  • And for a grand finale – the legendary Abbey Road studios and crosswalk

Tours cost £15 for adults; £10 for students or seniors; £5 for under 15s.


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