26th November 1962 – The Beatles Record Please Please Me.

26th November 1962 – The Beatles are in Studio Two at EMI, Abbey Road, to record their second single, ‘Please Please Me’.
They had first played it to George Martin on 4th September at the session for Love Me Do. Then, it was a much slower song, in the style of Roy Orbison. George Martin suggested they should speed it up, and they came back a week later with the new arrangement. It wasn’t quite ready then, so The Beatle returned to the Studio on 26th November to record their second single. George Martin hadn’t been very keen on their first ‘Love Me Do’ – but he had no doubts about ‘Please Please Me’. At the end of he session he said , “Congratulations boys, you’ve just made your first number one”. He was right!


1 thought on “26th November 1962 – The Beatles Record Please Please Me.”

  1. Penny Owen says:

    One of my favourites songs of The Beatles always loved Please Please Me! Ever since I first heard it as a young teenager! Did and still does fill me with excitement!

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