Where John Lennon’s Rolls-Royce Is Today (And 11 Other Facts About It)

During the height of The Beatles’ fame, co-lead singer and songwriter John Lennon went out and bought himself a fabulous car to match his new, fabulous image. This was the mid-60s, and his Rolls-Royce Phantom V would become the stuff of legends, cementing the legacy of a man as one of the leaders of the counterculture movement.

In 1965, when the opulent Rolls-Royce was first delivered to Lennon, The Beatles were the biggest band in the world, by a long shot. There probably hasn’t ever been the kind of reaction (see: mass hysteria) to a musical group as The Beatles during that time. His “Psychedelic Rolls,” as it came to be known, is perhaps his most popular object, and after his tragic murder in 1980, it’s a lasting legacy of the man.

Here are 11 facts about John Lennon’s Rolls-Royce, including its history and where you can find the limo today.

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1 thought on “Where John Lennon’s Rolls-Royce Is Today (And 11 Other Facts About It)”

  1. George Polakoff says:

    I heard Lennons Rolls was in the collection of Phil Spector.
    Since Phil is in Prison, Where is it today ??
    Any idea if Spector is still in Prison ?

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