‘The Beatles: Get Back’ Review: Peter Jackson’s Documentary Epic Is an Addictive Look at Who the Beatles Were

How does anyone, especially a Beatle, write a melody? The answer may be as simple as it is mysterious. In “The Beatles: Get Back,” Peter Jackson’s sprawling and revelatory fly-on-the-studio-wall documentary, there’s a great moment when we get to see it happen. It’s January 1969, and the Beatles — long-haired, scruffy, bearded, looking less like the “lads” they still call themselves than the grown men they’ve become — have taken over the colorfully dank, cavernous Twickenham Studios. There, they have just three weeks to create and rehearse 14 songs, at which point they’re supposed to play them in front of a live audience for a TV special. (They’re locked into the timing because Ringo has been cast to star opposite Peter Sellers in “The Magic Christian,” a movie set to begin shooting on Jan. 24.)

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