The Beatles and Marilyn Monroe Become Buildable Art with LEGO

LEGO is changing up the game as they announce buildable wall art. These sets combine the love of LEGO with pop culture with these beautiful sets. Each set will be able to build 1 out of 4 pictures and will include a special soundtrack to allow fans to hear the about and listen to the artist as they build. This will combine very grounded and relaxing collectible fans can get their hands on. The first two sets are the legendary band The Beatlesand the lovely Marylin Monroe. Marylin Monroe gets her spotlight first with her 3,332 piece set. This LEGO Art is based on Andy Warhol’s iconic pop art of the actress. Fans will be able to make 1 out of 4 iconic pictures of Marylin and will come with farms from hanging. These will be must have collectibles for fans of hers and it will be priced at $119.99. Pre-orders are not live but you will be able to find her here by the September 2020 release.

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