Spider-Man Just Saved The Day, But He Needed The Beatles’ Help!

When a mystic force starts taking over the people of New York, Spider-Man comes to the rescue with inspiration from the sweet melodies of The Beatles.

Peter Parker gets by with a little help from The Beatles in The Amazing Spider-Man #850. The web-slinger’s anniversary issue presents readers with Spider-Man’s final battle against the sinister Sin-Eater. Spidey’s longtime nemesis, the Green Goblin, even joins forces with the hero to deliver an action-packed story. Nick Spencer tells a captivating tale with help from artists Ryan Ottley, Humberto Ramos, and Mark Bagley. For readers looking for more action, however, there are an additional three stories at the end of the book, one of which contains several not-so-subtle references to the Fab Four.

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