Ringo Starr Says Beatles’ Film Get Back Gives a True Portrayal of the Band: ‘You Will See the Joy

“We found 56 hours of unused footage mainly filled with laughter,” Starr says By Tomás Mier

Ringo Starr is ready for fans of The Beatles to watch Get Back.

Chatting with PEOPLE (the TV Show!), the former Beatles drummer, 81, shared that he thinks this new three-part film is a more accurate portrayal of the dynamic of the group — originally comprising Starr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison — than the original 1970 film Let It Be.

“It took one of the dull moments of the month, because we were there a month and it was all based on that downer,” he says. “I thought it was not really showing what it was like.”

“I think you see the joy,” he adds of the new film. “We found 56 hours of unused footage mainly filled with laughter.”

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