Rare Photo of Paul and George Released by Harrison Family.

There has been much conjecture on social media about a photo released by the Harrison family to celebrate Paul McCartney’s birthday.

The photo shows George and Paul playing acoustic guitars up close in the latter days of The Beatles. I have certainly got seen the photo before.

By process of elimination, comparing to other known photos, it seems to date from the Beatles last recording sessions before they broke up. On January 3rd 1970, Paul, George and Ringo went to EMI Studios to record George’s song ‘I Me Mine’ for what became the ‘Let it Be’ album. The Beatles had rehearsed ‘I Me Mine’ at Twickenham Studios in January 1969, and it was decided to use that footage in the forthcoming documentary chronicling those sessions. However unlike many other songs rehearsed, the Beatles didn’t make a studio recording of I Me Mine in the sessions at Apple, which followed the aborted Twickenham sessions, so a studio version was required for the album. John Lennon didn’t attend the session, as he had effectively left the Beatles in September 1969 – so only 3 Beatles were there.

We know from studio notes that Paul and George laid down a track for I Mine on acoustic guitars – which is where this photos seems to be from.

Hopefully many more such photos will emerge in the now delayed ‘Get Back’ project!

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2 thoughts on “Rare Photo of Paul and George Released by Harrison Family.”

  1. Mssenator says:

    Been a huge fan since forever. Both my children are too! They had little choice since I played every song and sang along multiple times en utero

  2. Mike Bocchetti says:

    So finally, photographic evidence of the very last sessions from Jan ’70! Always wondered if any existed. I would presume more than one was taken, hopefully the others will emerge soon. Even now, undiscovered gems appear!

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