Paul McCartney UK Postage Stamps Issues Today!

Today sees the release of the special British Royal Mail official Paul McCartney postage stamps! Many different ‘First Day Covers’ have been released too, including some with a Liverpool postmark. There are many to choose from! Which one will you buy?

They are available from post offices – or at https://shop.royalmail.com/special-stamp-issues/paul-mccartney

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1 thought on “Paul McCartney UK Postage Stamps Issues Today!”

  1. Patti Crichton says:

    Hi Richard, Do you know IF the Paul McCartney stamps can be purchased by those of us in the United States (via online or via mail)? I tried to see if I could on the page where you can purchase, but because our postal codes (“zip codes” in the U.S.) are different, I couldn’t fill that part out and therefore gave me an “error” when I tried to contact them with this question. So far, John Lennon was the ONLY Beatle that got a stamp over here in the U.S; however, it was only one design, not multiple pictures or design like the McCartney ones. THANKS Richard.

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