Paul McCartney in Train Journey Shock!

Well, it must be a low news day today. The UK tabloids think it’s news that Paul McCartney travels alone on a train ‘without the usual rock star entourage’. Well, actually, he’s been doing this for several decades – but I guess no-one bothered to take a picture of him doing it. I’m not going to bother to put the photo here :>)


3 thoughts on “Paul McCartney in Train Journey Shock!”

  1. Nigel Oliver says:

    When I started working for The Beatles I got the tube in and passed St. John’s Wood at 9.45 am , a few times I saw this man in an old overcoat (his dads circa Let it be ) a beard and a hat , who seemed to wink at me , it took me a while to realise it was Paul . One day he took me for a pre work breakfast at the Brewer Street Cafe and explained to Peter Brown why I was late !

    1. Jack Barnes says:

      I was working there too. Long time ago but the memories are like YESTERDAY. I remember Nigel who turned me into smoking the weed man. Great Beatles Christmas celebrations on the Thames when most of us were out of brains. Never forget their live concert on the roof, we cried for a long time after that.

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