Paul McCartney III review: Melodic charm, craftsmanship and open-minded optimism make this solo album a real treat

Comparing notes with Taylor Swift on the DIY albums they both made in lockdown, Sir Paul McCartney reflected on the hard times he has survived.

In the conversation arranged by Rolling Stone magazine, the 78-year-old legend reminded the 31-year-old pop star that he was born during the Second World War, and grew up gripped by the war stories of the old ladies who lived in the same housing estate as him. He also told Swift how proud he was of a table he made himself – dovetail joints, no nails! – while “at a bit of a loose end” after The Beatles broke up. And he ended the conversation with a quirky anecdote about the time The Beatles’ van slid into a roadside ditch during a blizzard. He describes the Fab Four stranded in the snow, standing in a stumped circle until one of them said: “Well, something will happen.”

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