Paul McCartney Attends Performance of Carousel in London

I’ve just heard from my friend, Gillian Bryant, that Paul McCartney attended a performance of Carousel today at the London Coliseum. It of course features the song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, a number one hit for Liverpool contemporaries, Gerry and the Pacemakers. The show stars long time friends of Paul’s, Katherine Jenkins and Alfie Boe. Paul signed autographs for fans, but asked that no pictures be taken.

Here is Paul with the cast backstage https://twitter.com/KathJenkins/status/860875907774468098/photo/1

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2 thoughts on “Paul McCartney Attends Performance of Carousel in London”

  1. Charlie Budman says:

    Richard, I have attended your tours several times and very much enjoyed them. Regarding the photo of Paul and the cast of Carousel, some on Facebook are claiming that Paul has his right arm on his daughter Bea, that she is now transgender and goes by Ben. Is this his daughter? I thought not, but I can’t tell.

    1. Yes, that is Bea – don’t know about the transgender thing though

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