‘Paul Is Dead’: New Psychedelic Comic Explores Beatles Conspiracy Theory (First Look)

The Beatles are so inextricably linked with rock n’ roll and 1960s culture, that it’s almost impossible to imagine our world without them. At the same time, their profound impact on music (and society in general) offers up some interesting “what if?” questions about the tenuous nature of history. Had things gone even a little bit differently for the band, what would reality even look like?

In his 2017 alternate history novel, Once There Was a Way, author Bryce Zabel dared to ask: “What if The Beatles stayed together?” Two years later, director Danny Boyle probed a world where the group never existed in Yesterday. And now, writer Paolo Baron and artist Ernesto Carbonetti (the duo behind Punk is Undead) are the latest creatives to ponder their own Fab Four conundrum: “What if Paul McCartney died during the recording of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in November of 1966?”

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