Heartbreaking photo shows famous Mersey Ferry Royal Iris almost completely sunk in Thames

The neglect of MV Royal Iris, the famous Mersey Ferry as it rots and sinks beneath the Thames can be seen in new photos.

In the same week the city lost Gerry Marsden – whose voice accompanies Ferry trips across the Mersey – there appears to be a sad end to the ferry most synonymous with the city’s 60s heyday.

The once-grand ferry was a fixture on the River Mersey for more than 40 years, hosting The Beatles, and the Queen and Prince Philip in its pomp.

But the boat, affectionately known to many as “the love boat” and “the fish and chip boat”, has been languishing on a mudbank in the River Thames for the past few years.

Now, a new photo taken by artist Suzanne Orme who has a studio near to the stricken boat, show the Grand Old Lady now almost completely submerged in the Thames.

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