Me with Gene Simmons in Abbey Road Studios

I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on TV a number of times on my Beatles Walks. The best time though was very special, when I did a tour INSIDE Abbey Road Studios for Gene Simmons and his family, for their TV show ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels’.

For the show they are ‘on holiday’ in the UK and I gave them a tour of Studio Two at Abbey Road – where The Beatles recorded nearly all their songs. Normally it is impossible to get into the Studios – but Gene’s crew hired Studio Two for the morning. Even though I’d been in Studio Two many times I still get a thrill being inside the place where The Beatles recorded so many songs. I’d also never done a tour inside the Studio, so I knew it was going to be an unforgettable experience.

I was expecting the family to be rather weird and the whole experience very daunting. In Kiss, Gene was known as ‘Demon’ and supposedly spitting blood on stage, however, in real life he is a real gentleman. He is also an enthusiastic and very knowledgeable Beatles fan – something that surprised me as Kiss are know for their heavy rock.

The day of the tour saw London’s first snow of the winter and was freezing cold. I was glad most of the morning was going to be spent inside.

I left for the studios early as I was worried transport would be affected but luckily the buses weren’t too bad and I arrived in good time. When Gene and his family arrived I was asked by their TV crew to meet them on the famous steps of the Studios and lead them inside. They greeted me very courteously and any nerves I had about the occasion disappeared.

We first entered the control room in Studio Two where I told them a bit about The Beatles recording history in the Studios. I was surprised that Gene knew the name of Andy White, the session drummer that played on Love Me Do. Gene told the story of how he met Ringo at a party at literally picked him up. He then demonstrated on me!

We then went down into the Studio itself and I pointed out the various instruments in there which the Beatles used on their sessions, including the piano used on Lady Madonna. Nick played some very nice tunes on the piano. We were amazed to see that the piano had cigarette burns all over it – including on the piano keys! Gene expressed surprise that smoking was allowed in the studios – it seems the whole family are against smoking (another surprise!)

The two hours went by much too quickly. Gene and his family were some of the nicest people I’ve had on a tour. The experience obviously meant more to Gene than the rest of the family, but they all treated me with great respect and listened with interest. They were also just as nice when the cameras were switched off. I told Gene about my book ‘Guide to the Beatles London’ and Gene asked me for a copy, and for me to sign it for him! I was going to ask for his autograph. 

Here is that episode: http://www.aetv.com/shows/gene-simmons-family-jewels/videos/25-british-invasion

For more details on my London Beatles Walks see http://www.beatlesinlondon.com

Me with Gene Simmons and his family in the control room of Studio Two, Abbey Road Studios

Me with Gene Simmons and his family in the control room of Studio Two, Abbey Road Studios


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