Jenny Boyd on life with the Beatles and Fleetwood Mac

SHE was the original rock chick, hanging out with the likes of The Beatles, Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones, marrying Mick Fleetwood twice, experimenting with drugs and relishing the flower power hippy culture.

As a Sixties model along with her sister Pattie, who was married to George Harrison before running off with Eric Clapton, Jenny Boyd was swept along in the new music, fashion and free love culture of the time… making her way from the fashionable haunts of London’s Carnaby Street and Chelsea, to the flower power movement in San Francisco and the meditation centres of India.

“It was very exciting. It was an amazing time and a very different time. There was something about the Sixties that was magnetic. The world was opening up to me,” she reveals.

Today, Boyd, now 72, is reflecting on the extraordinary journey in which her looks secured her a job as a photographic model with fashion designers Foale and Tuffin while she was still at school.

By 16, she was appearing in glossy magazines, flying to New York shoots and appearing on catwalks at home and abroad, falling in with the musical movers and shakers of the time and dating Mick Fleetwood, who lived nearby.

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