How Michael Jackson outbid Paul McCartney for publishing rights to the Beatles catalog with $47 million offer

Paul McCartney had previously advised Michael Jackson to invest his money in music publishing, but that would later come back to haunt the former BeatleBy Brian Polson

On August 14, 1985, something extraordinary happened in the world of music publishing. The event sent shock waves through the entertainment industry and ended the professional and personal relationship between two music icons, who had proved to be a great tag-team up to that point. The story we’re talking about involves Michael Jackson and Sir Paul McCartney and how 35 years ago, the former Beatle lost the rights and royalties to his own music. Or to put it another way, the King of Pop shrewdly pipped Macca to the post by winning a multi-million dollar bidding war. But there’s a hint of irony to this saga, considering McCartney had a hand in his own undoing and would later come to regret his actions. 

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