Handwritten lyrics from Paul McCartney’s archive go on display

British Library to exhibit song lyrics and photographs immaculately kept by the former Beatle

Treasured material from Paul McCartney’s personal archive, including the original handwritten lyrics to songs such as Hey Jude and Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five, is going on public display for the first time at the British Library.

Paul McCartney: The Lyrics, which is free to the public from Friday, celebrates one of the world’s most successful songwriters and performers.

Lyrics, printed photographs and original memorabilia spanning McCartney’s career reveal the process and people behind some of the most famous songs of all time. Highlights include previously unseen lyrics for Pipes of Peace, Jenny Wren and Tell Me Who He Is, an unrecorded song found in a notebook in McCartney’s archive and accompanied by additional items suggesting that it was written in the late 1950s. The lyrics, written in blue Biro on lined notebook paper, begin: “Tell me who he is, tell me that you’re mine not his, he says he loves you more than I do, tell me who he is.”

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