From Beatles roadie to head of Apple Corps: The real fifth Beatle, Neil Aspinall

Behind every great rock ‘n’ roll band, there is a story. In order to make that story click in all of its infinite nuances, an entire cast of characters is required. The leading players in a band cannot be solely responsible for making the entire picture fit; behind that picture are ‘the small people’, those who are willing to take the countless phone calls, file the endless paperwork, drive the van from one gig to the next, and see the inevitable drama unfold as it sometimes devours and destroys a band. The wonderful thing about Neil Aspinall, a childhood friend of George Harrison and Paul McCartney who would drive The Beatles’ tour van in the early days, and who later became the manager of Apple Corps, is that there was very little drama about him, and would take the band’s secrets to the grave.

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