Chicago Fest, we’ll see you in 2022

It is with heavy hearts that we bring the news that the 2021 Fest For Beatles Fans Chicago in August will not be happening. It was a very difficult decision to make and we made it prioritizing everyone’s health, safety, and comfort. Every Beatles fan is important to our Fest family, and we simply will not risk it. We know that concerts are beginning to resume indoors, but we are much different than your normal concert, as you know. So much of the magic of the Fest’s is the personal interactions with special guests, in jamming late into the night, singing with each other in a circle, and dancing to the live music with people flying in from all over the country and world to be together. We waited as long as we could to make this decision, hoping that we would feel the time is right for our event this August. But unfortunately, it isn’t.

Please note: Next year’s Chicago Fest is the weekend of August 12-14, 2022 and there’s no doubt we plan to make it one of our best Fests ever! You will be able to make reservations for 2022 beginning July 12, 2021.Thank you for your understanding and we so look forward to seeing all of you in person in 2022!

Peace and Love, Mark, Carol, Michelle Joni and Tilly Lapidos

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2 thoughts on “Chicago Fest, we’ll see you in 2022”

  1. Lou Piurkowski says:

    My wife and I would love to attend!!!

  2. Lynn Daniel says:

    any idea as what hotel the fest will be in for the 2022 event?

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