Blue Plaque Erected to Commemorate the Beatles ‘Rooftop Concert’ at 3 Savile Row

Today, a commemorative Blue Plaque was erected at 3 Savile Row to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles Rooftop concert.

Richard Porter, one of the committee to erect the plaque said ‘I have been guiding Beatles tours in London for over 25 years, and visit Savile Row at least 3 days a week. On nearly every tour I am asked why there is no commemoration to the Beatles on the building. I was therefore delighted when I was approached by David Rosen of Pilcher Hershman, a fellow Beatles fan who works in Savile Row, with the idea of forming a committee to put up a Blue Plaque. We got together with fellow Beatles fans,  Mark Baxter of Mono Media Films, and David Stark of Songlink, to make it happen. As 3 Savile Row is a listed building, it took a long time for the plaque to be approved, but finally we were delighted to get the green light from Westminster Council.’

The plaque was erected quietly at 8am on April 5th. Amongst those present was actor Bill Nighy and author Dylan Jones. A big celebration will be held in Savile Row later this month.

Richard Porter said “I am very honoured to be part of the team that has finally commemorated such a famous event in musical and cultural history”

For a video of today’s events, go to https://vimeo.com/328598915?fbclid=IwAR3D1RKWac-KOaGUCkPHo0oa9okoeBrYMnJ0G9sLJA2JgjXXO3H84FLOIPI

Richard Porter’s London Beatles Walks go to Savile Row 3 days a week. For more on Richard’s tours, go to https://beatlesinlondon.com/

The Blue Plaque to the Beatles being erected at 3 Savile Row

The Blue Plaque to the Beatles’ Rooftop concert

3 Savile Row, showing the Blue Plaque in place.


8 thoughts on “Blue Plaque Erected to Commemorate the Beatles ‘Rooftop Concert’ at 3 Savile Row”

  1. Marie darwin says:

    Well done to you all, especially you Richard.. when is official celebration…
    Marie Darwin.

  2. Amy says:

    That’s great, but… Two observations: No mention of Apple on the plaque. And no females present in the photos. I believe the majority of the Beatles’ fans were female, weren’t they?

    1. The plaque was commemorate the rooftop concert. There was no room on it to mention Apple too. The photo is of the committee and builders that put up the plaque. Sadly, none were female :>)

  3. Murray Brown says:

    Fantastic Result, this has been long over due to Celebrate this iconic event. Looking forward to visiting on my next trip to London. Well Done to all involved.

  4. Phil says:

    Yes when is the celebration

    1. The Official celebration is on Sunday April 28th at 11am.

  5. Steve Lovering says:

    Well done Richard shame it wasn’t installed when we all gathered for the 50th anniversary. It would have made the day.

    1. We wanted it up by January 30th, but was delayed because 3 Savile Row is a listed building, and there were a lot of planning restrictions etc.

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