All change at 3 Savile Row?

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Update 26th September 2021

Well it seems that Abercrombie and Fitch has now closed at 3 Savile Row. I’m not sure what is going on there at present – but will let you know when I find out.

In 2012 Abercrombie and Fitch opened their flagship London store at 42 Savile Row – much to the annoyance of the established Savile Row Tailors – who thought Abercrombie would lower the tone of the street. Some even held a very ‘British’ demonstration – with placards like ‘Give Three Piece a Chance’. Then Abercrombie announced they were opening the first UK branch of ‘Abercrombie Kids’ at 3 Savile Row – the former HQ of the Beatles’ Apple company and where they played the famous ‘Rooftop Concert’. Certainly some Beatles fans weren’t too pleased with this – but at least the premises had public access for the first time. However, requests to see the roof were politely turned down by the staff. In 2019 I was on the committee that organised the erecting of a Blue Plaque to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles’ Rooftop Concert. In Early 2020 Abercrombie Kids moved out of 3 Savile Row, to be integrated with the main Abercrombie shop at number 42, and the doors to number 3 closed.After going back to Savile Row after lockdown I noticed that 3 Savile Row is now Abercrombie and Fitch and number 42 has closed completely. All very confusing! At least the public have access to number 3 Savile Row again – but don’t expect to see the rooftop!
We go to 3 Savile Row on my ‘Beatles Magical Mystery Tour’ London Walk

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7 thoughts on “All change at 3 Savile Row?”

  1. Oddleif Nilsen says:

    Went to your beatle-walks some years ago and I like to follow you on the net.

  2. DGold says:

    I was there in June 2017, on a visit from the States. About the roof, they told me its “for insurance reasons – its unsafe” there is no public access. They said visitors ask “all the time. everyday!” I replied “What an opportunity! Don’t you see? Get insurance, make it safe, and charge 50 Pounds per person – they’ll pay it, gladly. You will do very well!” They responded it’s a splendid idea (and that others have also suggested this), but it could disrupt their business as a retail store, turning the focus to the rooftop attraction, and away from the store.

  3. Mario Sciacaluga says:

    I have just heard and watched a virtual tour and they say since the Rooftop gig they have added another 2 floors but I don’t believe that, can you confirm one way or another? Thanks.

    1. Not true.
      There have been renovations since 1969 – but no floors have been added

  4. AleM says:

    Hi, is the Abercrombie store still closed to the public? thanks Richard

    1. Abercrombie are still in the building – but it is now their store room and offices. There is no public access – either to the building, or the roof

  5. Kurt Madsen says:

    Came to think about the original white door – shown on the back of a Ringo Starr album. I was in London in 1976 and amongst many others I scrippled my name on it.
    I wonder where this genuine door is today. Anybody can tell me and maybe even show a picture of it if it is displayed somewhere today. I think it is an important piece of the Beatles history.
    I´ve seen different stories about where it is: In a Hard Rock Cafe In London, In Liverpool, Hidden away in a store house by Neil Aspinall and many other guesses.
    Where is it???

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