Abbey Road studio doors that swung open to welcome The Beatles and other stars up for auction

LONDON.- Abbey Road, the world’s most famous recording studios, are 90 years old this year. To celebrate, Ewbank’s Auctions will offer the original foyer doors for sale on February 25.

As the studio plan accompanying the lot shows, these were the main internal doors through which many of the leading names from every period of Rock & Pop, from The Beatles and Pink Floyd to Elton John and Michael Jackson, would have passed to reach the sound stages and recording studios.

Most famously, this was the setting for The Beatles’ 1960s recordings with the ‘fifth Beatle’, their producer George Martin. Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – considered the most important album in the history of Rock and Pop – The White Album and Abbey Road were all created here. In fact, The Beatles recorded around 90 per cent of all their material at the studios between 1962 and 1970.

Complete with their original brass hinges, the doors would have first welcomed Sir Edward Elgar when he conducted the London Symphony Orchestra and the teenage Yehudi Menuhin to crown the opening of the EMI Recording Studios in 1931.

The doors were used in place right up until 1988 when they were removed as part of a major refurbishment.

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