You Gave Me The Answer – RAM Special!

Happy birthday RAM! Paul and Linda McCartney’s iconic 1971 album celebrates its 50th anniversary this month, which means we’ve been dreaming of starting a new life in the ‘heart of the country’ for half a century. Crazy how the time flies when you’re ramming on, eh? As well as releasing a limited edition half-speed mastered vinyl of RAM, we’ve been celebrating with remastered music videosbehind-the-scenes clips and more. 

Over the years RAMhas become a cult favourite, with celebrities like Harry Styles and Dakota Johnson among its fans and many indie artists citing it as an influence. When we announced on social media that it was the #RAMiversary this month, the Twitter timeline exploded with people sharing their favourite tracks and posting the questions they had always wanted to ask one of its makers. 

It’s clear to see how much this album resonates with people, so for this month’s ‘You Gave Me The Answer’ Q&A we thought we would pass the mic over to you guys, and select some questions from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to put to Paul. Here’s what happened when we asked you to ‘Tweet At Home’ (sorry)…   

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