Yoko Ono reaches new settlement deal with John Lennon’s former assistant

Yoko Ono has told a New York court that she has reached a settlement deal with Frederic Seaman, a former personal assistant of John Lennon who was accused of breaching a previous commitment to not publicly talk about his time working for the late Beatle.

Ono sued Seaman last year, reigniting a legal battle that goes back 40 years. Seaman worked for Lennon in the run-up to the musician’s death in 1980. He was then fired by Ono the following year after it emerged that he’d been taking items from Lennon’s home, including diaries, photographs, fan letters and unreleased recordings.

Seaman ultimately pled guilty to second-degree larceny and was ordered to return all the items he had taken. But then in the 1990s it emerged that he had not, in fact, given back all the items he’d removed from Lennon’s home. He also further annoyed Ono by publishing a book called ‘The Last Days Of John Lennon’ which, he later admitted, included “factually inaccurate” claims.

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