The hilarious letter George Harrison sent to a fan who asked him for money

George Harrison is undoubtedly the coolest Beatle but he was also one of the most dryly funny. Growing up in Liverpool had blessed all the members with a caustic course wit but Harrison only reserved it for the most enjoyable moments.

One such moment came from the below letter from 1968 when Harrison and The Beatles were at the peak of their powers and on top of the world. Literally. After a fan writes to Harrison asking for money to buy a sitar, Harrison responds with a drawing and a smirking retort.

The Beatles had just released the White Album and were in unprecedented demand. Such high demand in fact that the group retreated to the Himalayas, namely Rishikesh in northern India as part of a Transcendental Meditation course with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It was during these blissful moments that Harrison received a letter from a fan.

Curious as it may be to receive fan mail even when seemingly cut-off from the outside world there may have been a reason for the letter to fall on Harrison’s lap. The fan at the other end of the exchange was writing for a specific reason, he had by encouraged by The Beatles guitarist to pick up the sitar, an instrument Harrison had begun to admire a few years prior.

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