The Beatles were ‘so SERIOUS’ about starring in Lord of the Rings: Guess roles they wanted

THE BEATLES were ‘so serious’ about starring in The Lord of the Rings that they approached Stanley Kubrick and JRR Tolkien, reveals Peter Jackson.

Yesterday, Josh Gad organised an epic Lord of the Rings reunion on the latest episode of his Reunited Apart YouTube series. The Frozen star has been reuniting casts and crews of iconic movies for charity and the latest was a real treat. Towards the end, Peter Jackson’s fellow Kiki director Taika Waititi joined the call to test everyone on their Lord of the Rings knowledge, only for a fascinating Beatles fact to be revealed.

Waititi asked them all: “Who approached Stanley Kubrick to direct an adaptation of Lord of the Rings?”

After a brief pause, Jackson answered: “Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

The Beatles, after A Hard Day’s Night and Help!, they had a third film in their United Artists contract.

“And they wanted to do Lord of the Rings.”

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