Teenager ‘starstruck’ after Paul McCartney photobombs her holiday snap

Mae Archie from Connecticut, USA was on holiday in New York City when, after coincidentally visiting an exhibition about The Beatles, she posed for a photo in the street.

But it wasn’t until she returned home from the holiday that the 17-year-old realised she’d missed an important detail in the picture.

It was only the legend Sir Paul McCartney himself, strolling past her on a zebra crossing.

Mae, who is a big fan of the Fab Four, said she was “starstruck and beyond excited” and has since had the photo framed.

She shared a video on TikTok explaining what happened which has since gone viral, racking up over 12,000 likes.

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1 thought on “Teenager ‘starstruck’ after Paul McCartney photobombs her holiday snap”

  1. Ted Machnik says:

    Hope Ms.Archie contacts Paul McCartney’s office and asks that he autographs that photo.

    After all, since Paul crashed the photograph – and is a gentleman – I’m sure she would get a positive response. Good luck.

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