Ringo Starr Announces New EP, ‘Change the World’

The four-song release was recorded in the former Beatle’s home studio and “features frequent and new collaborators, creating songs that span the spectrum of pop, country, reggae and rock and roll.”

“What a blessing it’s been during this year to have a studio here at home and be able to collaborate with so many great musicians, some I’ve worked with before and some new friends,” the legendary drummer proclaimed via press release.

Lead single “Let’s Change the World” was written by Toto members Joseph Williams and Steve Lukather, both of whom also played on the track. “Let’s change the world / A day at a time ‘till we get it down / Let’s change the world / There’s more than enough love to go around,” Starr sings on its chorus, the track reflecting the former Beatle’s trademark optimism. Later, Lukather — who has been a regular member of the All Starr band since 2012 — delivers a resounding guitar solo approximately 2:20 into the song.

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