Paul McCartney fears anti-vaccine message ‘taking hold’ as star vows to take Covid jab

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY has said he will be taking the coronavirus vaccine as The Beatles legend addressed his fears that the anti-vaccine message was “taking hold”.

His comments come as the Yesterday hitmaker suggested the anti-vaccine movement was putting people off taking the jab.

The Beatles legend suggested the internet has “taken hold” by pushing the message.

The singer explained that he will be taking the Covid vaccine because it’s “serious”.

“I will [take the vaccine] and I would like to encourage people to get it too,” Paul explained.

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1 thought on “Paul McCartney fears anti-vaccine message ‘taking hold’ as star vows to take Covid jab”

  1. Amy says:

    Unusually for me, I find myself in disagreement with Paul. Pharmaceutical companies are now not liable for the harm or death their COVID vaccines cause (in the past they have paid billions in compensation to those harmed by their other vaccines). Also, this time the COVID vaccines have not been properly tested. The mRNA technology (also in some flu shots, which Paul hasn’t taken) is a worry for me and also the PEG ingredient, to which people can have bad allergic and respiratory reactions, such as anaphylactic shock. Add to that the business links between drug companies and SAGE committee members (for example, Sir Patrick Vallance, who has £600K invested in GSK, for whom he worked) and you have a recipe for trouble in my opinion. If a vaccine merely renders one asymptomatic, I for one will be waiting a while before I judge that a vaccine is safe.

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