November 5th 1963 – The Beatles Play at the Adelphi Cinema, Slough

On November 5th 1963, the Beatles played at the Adelphi Cinema in Slough. At the previous night’s ‘Royal Command Performance’, the Queen Mother asked Paul McCartney where they were playing next – to which Paul correctly answered ‘Slough’. The Queen Mother exclaimed – ‘Ah – that’s near us!’ – the Royals were at Windsor Castle at the time, just a few miles from Slough. She didn’t go to the concert though 🙂
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The Beatles with the Queen Mother

2 thoughts on “November 5th 1963 – The Beatles Play at the Adelphi Cinema, Slough”

  1. I was there! The screaming was so loud you could hardly hear them sing! A real ‘magic moment’ they were the best x

    1. Pamela Mitchell says:

      I was there too. We were in the front row of the Circle. As you said, the screaming was so loud they could have sung the telephone directory and no one would have known, an unforgettable night. I was just 13 and I think it must have been a birthday treat. George was always my favourite but Paul was amazing at Glasto last night.

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