‘Never before seen’ Doctor Who script features run-in with The Beatles

The Doctor has a brief encounter with The Beatles in a “never before seen” Doctor Who script, penned by writer Neil Gaiman.

The author and screenwriter, 59, shared what he said was the “original” introduction to The Doctor’s Wife during an episode of #LockdownWho.

The series has seen the cast and writers behind the BBC show have been sending out tweets as they rewatch classic episodes.

Gaiman posted the first four pages of an alternative script to the 2011 episode, which starred Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor.

In the text, the Doctor and his companion Amy Pond travel in time and space to The Beatles’ famed performance at New York’s Shea Stadium in 1965.

The script also suggests the Doctor saw the band perform in Hamburg, Germany, during their early years, and that they had a run-in with an alien race called the Ogrons, who previously featured during Jon Pertwee’s tenure in the Tardis.

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  1. Cheryl Bean says:

    They ran into a crazy alien who broke up John’s marriage.

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