McCartney 3, 2, 1 review – the Fab Four as you’ve never heard them before

This bounteous feast for Beatles fans sees Paul McCartney dive into the back catalogue with producer Rick Rubin – who then does something truly amazing

Long before their mop-topped world domination, Paul McCartney and George Harrison went hitchhiking. Paul, being the sensible one, had packed a camping stove and a can of rice pudding. “Ambrosia,” confided McCartney to his interviewer, music producer and Beatles superfan Rick Rubin, who, being American, hid bewilderment at this dismal 63-year-old English tragical mystery tour behind a polite rictus.

It was on this road trip that the pair wrote one of their first songs. I imagine George with a little quiff, Paul with the can opener, sitting on a verge outside Widnes whiling away the hours to the next ride by writing Thinking of Linking, a song inspired by a long-defunct firm, Link Furniture, that McCartney has admitted elsewhere, was terrible.

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1 thought on “McCartney 3, 2, 1 review – the Fab Four as you’ve never heard them before”

  1. Tyrone whitehead says:

    I loved this the way they filmed it in black and white it looked moody and had atmosphere Rick and Paul had s good rapport music was fab tomorrow never knows is my favourite listening to Paul was perfection he could teach me to play instruments loved Paul talk about the Fab Four and wings and his own work yes filming this doc in black and white was the best thing

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