Lizzie Bravo, Teenager Who Sang on Beatles Recording, Dies

Lizzie Bravo, the Beatles fan who was invited by Paul McCartney into one of the band’s 1968 recording sessions at Abbey Road Studios to sing “a high note,” died yesterday (October 4, 2021), at age 70 in her native Brazil, of heart complications. The news was reported by several established Beatles news bloggers including The Daily Beatle.

Bravo’s tale of singing on a take of “Across the Universe” is one of those “amazing, but true” stories in Beatles lore: It was more than a dream come true for teenagers Lizzie Bravo (16) and her friend, Gayleen Pease (17). They were avid Beatles fans–so-called Apple Scruffs–who regularly hung around the entrance to EMI’s Abbey Road Studios, hoping for an encounter with their heroes. The Fab Four had graciously given the two girls autographs and posed for photos with them.

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