Julian Lennon has been awarded the UNESCO Peace and Trans-Cultural Cultures Artisan Award 2020. This distinction was granted to him on September 21, International Day of Peace, in recognition of his ′′ efforts for promoting culture and peace everywhere.

His contribution to peace includes his continued work through The White Feather Foundation, which aims to raise funds for ′′ lifelong improvement Lennon posted on the Foundation’s website a statement expressing his ′′ deep gratitude ′′ upon receiving the award.′′ Being recognized for charity efforts on International Peace Day means a lot to me The causes I support are very dear to my heart, and my only hope is that this award will provide even more exposure to those in need and inspire more people to help preserve indigenous cultures, take action to help the environment, provide clean water , and supporting better health and education in underdeveloped communities.

This news was unveiled when Julian’s latest project, a climate change documentary entitled KISS THE GROUND, prepared to make its global debut via Netflix on September 22. Lennon is the executive producer of this film, which is directed and produced by Josh and Rebecca Tickkell.

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