John Lennon at Kenwood – May 1968

Here are a series of photos, taken by my good friend Marilyn Demmen, of John Lennon, and his home Kenwood, in May 1968. Marilyn was a regular visitor, and sometimes even got invited into the house. Marilyn thinks the great photo of her and John was taken the same weekend Yoko came was invited over and they made the ‘Two Virgins’ album

John Lennon outside ‘Kenwood’

John with Marilyn

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1 thought on “John Lennon at Kenwood – May 1968”

  1. Amanda Roberts LaRosa says:

    I knew Marilyn Demmen, having met her one day at Kenwood in 1968. No one was there,so she was kind enough to take me on her continuing day’s journey, first to Ringo’s home nearby, where we were told by Maureen (responding to our door knock from an upstairs window) that so, he wasn’t there. After that it was on to Esher, where I had the thrill of meeting George Harrison.

    She was very kind, had great stories, and lived in Thornton Heath. We stayed in tough for a few years until the Beatles broke up. From that point her interests change to following Motorcross, and the correspondence kind of faded away, our mutual interests having gone their separate ways as well.

    Do you know how to get in touch with her? I’d love to connect again. Feel free to pass along my email address to her in the event she wants to get in touch. (And thank you for posting her pic with John!)

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