Jim Hughes, the Founder of Cavern Mecca Passes Away

I’ve just heard of the passing of Jim Hughes. Jim and his wife Liz started Cavern Mecca, who pioneered Beatles fandom in Liverpool, at a time when Liverpool council didn’t want to know. Cavern Mecca was a Beatles information centre, as well as coffee bar and merchandise seller. They also produced a great Beatles fanzine. Sound familiar? The London Beatles Fanclub magazine and Beatles Coffee Shop were both very much based on Cavern Mecca. They also put on the first Beatles conventions at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool. Their work was not unnoticed by people in high places, and Paul McCartney invited Jim and Liz to London to meet him to receive special recognition of their efforts.
You will be much missed Jim.

Liz and Jim Hughes with Paul McCartney

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2 thoughts on “Jim Hughes, the Founder of Cavern Mecca Passes Away”

  1. katie says:

    Hi Richard,

    Very nice of you to commemorate the passing of Jim Hughes. My condolences on his passing, I never got a chance to meet up with him and only found out about Liz and Jim Hughes’ efforts to put on the first Beatles conventions in Liverpool and first Beatles ‘Mecca’ museum and also a Beatles fanzine magazine as well.

    At least they got to meet Sir Paul !

  2. Tony Raine says:

    Nice to find recognition of Jim and Liz. I brought the first tourist groups from USA in 1983 and they were nice people. Am working on my own tales of my first “fan” tours as we have had no recognition and been erased in Liverpool just like Jim and Liz!

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